We can currently offer the following services for your e-commerce company in Croatia:

Delivery to Croatia

  • Delivery to the customer’s door by a local courier.
  • Payment: Cash on Delivery (COD)/payment by card.
  • It is possible for the customer to change the date of delivery and the delivery address.
  • Refunds: we make HRK transfers to your bank account in Poland or Croatia.

Management of returns

  • You will get an address in Croatia where the customer can return the goods.
  • Returns are stored in our warehouse until shipped collectively to you within agreed periods.
  • We check if the returned products are damaged, used, or meet the established criteria, taking photos of them and archiving the documentation.
  • Returns are administered: you will also be provided access to the inventory of returns and the database.
  • We can handle the warranty issue by ourselves or with the help of your team.

Customer Service

  • Our multilingual team will communicate with your customers in Croatian on behalf of your company, providing your customers with pre-sale and after-sale support by phone and email, also via chat and “call-back” solutions.
  • Our colleague will process orders and provide information to your clients.
  • Our colleague will process complaints and handle warranty returns.
  • They will manage the order panel of your store.
  • They will provide service in other areas in line with your guidelines.
  • They will be in constant touch with a contact person on your side.


  • We will provide to you: a working address in Croatia,
  • A local phone number,
  • Customer Service and Support for your webshop in Croatian,
  • Your store will be adapted to the appearance of a local Croatian store, so that you can gain the full trust of your customers.
Do you have a non-standard service request? Contact us for a quote.